Hüseyin Aydin Gürsoy

writer / director


  • Turning to dust - short movie - 20' - Takami Productions

    Pitch: Due to unpaid wages, Elif and her husband are deep in debt. Elif’s husband wants to return to Turkey, but she believes there’s a better future for her son in France.

  • A cobweb - short movie - 17' - Origine Films

    Pitch: Hakan is a Turkish young painter in masonry who works with his father. The revelations made ​​to him around a Turkish coffee will push him to make big decisions in his life. His father will, for the first time, deal with the decisions of his son. But do they really have a choice?

  • 8 months - short movie - 20' - Quadrangle Productions

    Pitch: Halit is an old retired man, who lives in a small village in Turkey. His life is planned around his phone calls with his son every Thursday who is making the military service.

  • The Fourteenth - short movie - 11' - Quadrangle Productions

    Pitch: André is a lawyer known for the cases he has solved. Raphael is a young law graduate who begins his first job. Their unexpected encounter in a waiting room will change their lives.

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